-> Khapang Hardening Process, after the grand success of the unit enters into diversification. Yatrang is the name of the new unit of the company, for the manufacturing of CNC machine. To know more about the facilities and company profile of Yantrang,please visit.

-> Khapang Hardening Process constantly strives for the betterment. Following the same convention CI Casting Turning Centre is opened in the unit. This unit is there to serve you casting turning facilities.

-> Induction Hardening Process is the new technological revolution in the sector leaving behind the conventional Flame Hardening Process for better quality and best output. Khapang Hardening Process is proud to be the premium unit with its technology up-gradation.

-> Khapang Hardening Process arranges various in-house, for the employees and workers the programmes that fulfils the safety and environment concerns.

-> Khapang Hardening Process arranged 3 day workshop for the awareness and education of the processes for the employees/workers working in all the departments for the holistic knowledge.